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OU Campus Components vs. Snippets

Components and snippets can often be used interchangeably within OU Campus for the same purpose, however, there are a number of differences between the two. When should you choose a component over a snippet or vice versa? Where can each be used and how are they managed?

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Shoreline Community College Redesign

With user feedback from students, a comprehensive Identity Guideline, and a fresh web design, Shoreline Community College updated their website with new OU Campus templates and snippets.

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Apps and Tiny Tools

In 2016, I set myself on a mission to better understand modern frameworks and JavaScript. It's been a rewarding journey—completing the freeCodeCamp Front-End certification, working through a round and a half of #100DaysOfCode and participating in a 12-week bootcamp through Montana Code School. Here are some of the web applications I've created along the way.

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OmniUpdate 2018 Training Conference

Last week I had the pleasure of attending four days of OmniUpdate's annual Training Conference (OUTC)! I'd like to share a special thank you to Shoreline Community College for helping pave my way to #OUTC18. Although it's not a comprehensive overview, here are some of my favorite bits from the week.

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No Turning Back: A Journey through Montana Code School

With a large amount of experience and self-study under my belt, I was ready to commit to finally getting the full exposure of modern web development with Montana Code School. Discover what I learned and view the projects my teams created.

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Setting Up A Multi Website Magento Store

Though there is a lot to learn, understanding the file structure of Magento is essential in order to migrate a store into a multi-website for an upgraded store. Here is an overview of the steps to migrate a second store into Magento.

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Speeding Up Load Times on Magento CE 1.9x

Learn many of the ways to speed up Magento 1.9x website’s performance!

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Explore Montana State University

Creating a lead generation page for your university or institution? Here are a few thoughts after implementing the “Explore” page for Montana State University.

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Residence Life Interactive Map

Need a responsive interactive and customized map? This project uses SVG and Fancybox to create a useful resource for students trying to find their way around campus.

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Naropa University

A redesign with the functionality to move the Naropa University website into a responsive framework.

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Web development for OU Campus & higher education