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Naropa University

By | 2016-01-24

A redesign with the functionality to move the Naropa University website into a responsive framework.

Working with the team from OmniUpdate along with Mary Haste from Naropa University, we implemented a redesign for the entire university website.

Unlike other designs I’ve implemented, Naropa University’s wasn’t quite ready to move all pages into the responsive view. We worked through the challenges and created non-responsive and responsive versions using the same Sass-based CSS. As they work through updating each page’s outdated elements—removing fixed width content, updating low-quality images with higher-resolution versions and revisiting text—they can then easily switch their page to the responsive version using a page setting in the OmniUpdate CMS!

To ensure user needs were met, accessibility, semantics and improving content were all specific goals of these updated pages. Many colors were modified to be more vibrant and have a higher contrast in order to adhere to recommended color contrast. Are you meeting these standards? Check your own site’s colors!

Web development for OU Campus & higher education