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Recent Entries

Allowing Contribute users to use older versions

If you open Contribute and find yourself unable to work on a website due to it forcing you to upgrade to the current version, these are some options to fix it. Note* you must download the .csi file outside of Dreamweaver, otherwise you won’t be able to view and edit it. Solution 1: Set Compatibility […]

Posted on Wed, November 6, 2013

Starting a site: Procuring images

It’s hard to get going on a new site. One that you hope to be interactive. Lots of content development. Lots of art! My friend graciously created some pets for me to use on the website, which I’m very excited about! But.. I can’t commission all this art out for a site that I will […]

Posted on Fri, September 13, 2013

“Distant Life” Virtual Pet Site

I’ve been progressively working more towards designing a function virtual pet website. I think the progress today has made it seem at least feasible! If nothing else, I hope it to be a great learning tool for how a VPS is actually put together. I’m excited to figure out random shop restocks, pet and account […]

Posted on Fri, August 2, 2013

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