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Create a Progress Bar in OU Campus

By | 2018-01-24

Looking for an animated progress bar to add into OU Campus? This code lets your users easily manage your donation or project progress using a simple table transformation.


This code demo available on GitHub allows you to create a loading progress bar that is managed from a table transformation within OmniUpdate’s OU Campus. The CSS and JavaScript must be added into your page either by including it into your global files or making a separate call to each. The jQuery library must be loaded prior to calling the JavaScript code. Developers: If you add on any helpful additions, please make a Pull Request!

Snippet Example

Goal Percentage Complete Current Donation Value
$20 million 28 $5,608,000

Output Demo

See the Pen Horizontal Animated Progress Bar with Current % by Jeanine (@virtual) on CodePen.

Web development for OU Campus & higher education